— all lines are spell check “misunderstandings” found in my mss.

Seethe effort it takes
To know abut the man
Who had a fizzy view of
Amaze with no way out

As it was sated to me
Spend your night sin
Bit it was impossible
To perfect hem

Keys are storied
Get it dirty very game
Wen it’s over
Expect you know what that mane

Arriving at her place before sex
Was a god spot to cool down
Let’s rest before we go out to get sinner
She says, her vice tight

With a should bag in his hand
He finished writing a daft of it
The feces showed no worrisome concern
After a nigh of cigars and tequila

Ramon lens against the tree
That leas to the gruff man Richard
Siting alone at a table
He drew a lie through it

The twin sires of the Cathedral
They cane be used against you
A man with day-old whickers
He still isn’t sue

He sat on the conch
To watch the blank and white t.v.
Ass with cellphone
Made a slurping nose

The wings of a bug bird
Like picturing a fish on dray land
Begins to finer her rosary beads
She slays a long goodbye

Like a virgin brie to her husband
You would tell your closest fiends
Made me thing they had done it all before
As of Mach 1, 2004


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