– improvisational reaction to a word received in my In Box from Dictionary.com

fecund, FEE-kuhnd; FEK-uhnd, adjective
1. Capable of producing offspring or vegetation; fruitful; prolific.
2. Intellectually productive or inventive.

Not very fecund am I in the area of producing babies, that’s none. Though there was, oh never mind, I will not go into that. I will not. I do believe I’ve been intellectually productive and inventive. Not or inventive. Why can’t I be both productive (you see “prolific” in the first definition!) and inventive at the same time? One might say being inventive will lead to greater production, and vice versa. Production being the mother of invention. Or a mother. Or is it sweat’s 90% of invention? Or is it 90% of invention is half sweat? Whatever. I can’t remember exactly how that goes. Though I am a capable producer of vegetation as in I have grown several green herbs in my backyard. Not necessarily prolifically, but necessarily in that my local “organic” grocery charges $3.25 to $3.75 for a bunch, half of which usually ends up being wasted. Or is it 90% of that half? Could be either. Or both. I’ll have to check the next time I buy some. Which will be never. That money better placed in the coffers of Brouwerij Lane, my neighborhood brew pub, which prolifically produces many delicious (and inebriating) varieties of craft beer. And in that way they are as fecund as I am, though, it’s apparent, in a much more universal and satisfying way.


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