– published in The Offbeat, volume 18, 2017 (defunct) 

In hefty potions
They had greed on that too
To keep the boos happy
Noting they could do

A soar loser
Ever herd of one
Made dinner for her bothers
They beast each other up

A hard-noosed area
Boast people on the sea
The remnant he was charging
Wasn’t ass appealing

Back and froth talk
He hit the break for sure
With a pale of gray water
He sighed on for a second tour

Have to remain clam
It swept overt you
Led to the off ice
To hire someone knew

Her hick pink lips
She put pout there
At pone time
First I’ll come my hair

He waned to come to my place
To draw a deep breather
Three days and tow nights
It wend on for many weeks

Big wood hopping block
One of the moist exotic
He put it on the tablet
He knew that mush about it

The variety stories
Twenty years older than her souse
Listing to jazz
It all pained out

With his hand son the keyboard
He trued a few sites
A lick of the mouse button
Brought it hoe that night

Sitting in the soft char
To see photos of my trip to Pairs
He issued his replay
Which cured all his ales

– all lines are spell check “misunderstandings” found in my mss

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