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Gecko in the Night” – Coldnoon

Word of the Day” (gauche) – Thema (forthcoming, March 2018)

The Work You Must Do” – Numero Cinq (forthcoming)

Weed: Story of a Business Interrupted” – Litro

The Anniversary of the Birth of Zapata (April, 2000)” – Coldnoon

Susan” – Numero Cinq (forthcoming)

36 Eddy Street” – Numero Cinq (forthcoming)


screen-shot-2016-12-25-at-11-46-18-am-2 Vol_6_Issue_1 copy  TN4  Collectivo

screen-shot-2016-09-25-at-1-36-30-pm screen-shot-2016-10-02-at-12-53-03-pm

The Next Best Day” – Intima (short story)

36 Eddy Street” – Litro (non-fiction)

Juan Andres’ Collectivo” – Coldnoon (travel diary)

Trumped!” – The Transnational, volume 4 (commentary, order here)

Eulogy for The Bomb” – bioStories (non-fiction)

Two Oaxaca Pieces” – Coldnoon (travel diary)


Hacker  TN3  Last Chemo  Satirist

Word of the Day” (psephology) – The Satirist 

Last Chemo” – Hektoen International (non-fiction), also featured on Hektoen International’s Facebook page

Words of the Day” (diktat & frisson) – The Transnational, volume 3 (order here)

Hacker” – bioStories (non-fiction)


BaltoMag  P&WMagEuropean mar04 imgres
Unknown aug-sept-02-web Unknown copy balto mag  NewObs
souwester IMG_0001 baltomag3 14692 p-w-1st

Fiction and non-fiction in Baltimore Magazine, New Observations Magazine, Poets & Writers Magazine, The European, The Brooklyn Rail, and many others.


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